Bagichay bulbuli tui

Shake not yet, O Nightingale ! the budding boughs,
for their buds are yet asleep
and immersed in drowsiness deep !

Even now, among the empty boughs,
the northern wind blows day and night,
and the singing southerly breeze
and the enchanted bee are yet to be in !

When will the maiden of flowers come out, tearing her veil ?
When will her sleep be oer at the touch of dews,
and her forehead redden with hues ?

When will the floral flood of Falgum come,
rousing the buds and breaking the shores,
Causing the riot of smile on the lips of buds,
and the bloom of dimples on their cheeks ?

For the sake of scents, O Poet !
you are in waters beyond your reach.
With flowers you have filled your chest so far;
now with tears fill your eyes !

From "Nazrul Islam" by Mizanur Rahman
Tarun Pakistan Publishers, Dacca, 1966