Bhuli Kemone

How do I forget
The image in my heart
Etched with pain
Still alive

Still alive my loneliness
Infusing countless hours
Of day and night
Of my life
Without you

Why did you steal my heart
Before departing me

Why do I feel
The piercing treacherous pain
Of yours
Still so Tender
So unbearable

The moon struck bird
Still moan
Staring at the night sky
Just as before

The flock of geese
In the lake
Swims playfully
In the dark shadow of monsoon cloud
Just as before

The same dusky girl
In all her joyfulness
Picks up flower
From under the same
Bakul tree
Just as before

The village girls
Still goes to the river
Fetching water
In their rhythmic steps
In the same elegant pose
Just as before

O my heart
Why do you burst with love
With the intense pain
Like branch of flowery tree
In a cruel shudder

Translation by Sankar Datta