Tumi sundor tai cheye thaki

I keep looking at you for you are beautiful, O my darling!
It is neither an offense nor my fault.
When the partridge bathes in moonlight
And cries out in ecstasy -
Does the moon complain?

When my eyes stare unblinking at a flower as it blooms,
The flower seldom calls it a mistake.
Nor does the cloud object when a thirsty skylark
Dances in joy at its first sight.

Knowing fully that it will never reach the sun,
The enchanted sunflower stares all day at its namesake
As if worshipping its beloved deity.

The only reason Ive been bestowed with these eyes
Is to stare at your supreme beauty, O graceful!
Let my eyes quench their thirst from your ocean of charm -
Wont you, my darling?

Translation by Sujay Datta